October 10-13 | 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's a Hutchmoot?

A: It's a gathering. A meeting. A retreat. A conference. A powwow. A shebang. An entmoot, without the ents.

Q: What happens at a Hutchmoot?

A: Food. Good food, prepared by our resident Rabbit Room chef, John Cal. Quality time among fellow Rabbit Room readers with whom you'll develop friendships that will last until you're 87. Sessions led by a variety of writers, artists, and musicians, including the roster of Rabbit Room contributors. Intimate group discussions on writing, songwriting, and more. Nightly conversation with dessert and coffee. And a lot of great music.

Q: Why should I go?

A: Because you must.

Q: No, really. Why should I go?

A: We want you to come and enjoy a weekend of music and conversation about the stories all around us in song, film, books--and most importantly the story being told through our lives; our own story--what it means to get to the holy hidden heart of it, how to tell a better story with the days we’re given, and how our stories intersect each other's and connect to the Great Story.

See? I told you so. You must.

Q: Who's going to be there?

A: Andrew Peterson, Eric Peters, A. S. "Pete" Peterson, Jonathan Rogers, Jennifer Trafton, Randall Goodgame, Andrew Osenga, Russ Ramsey, Thomas McKenzie, and quite a few surprises. Oh, and YOU. (Because you must.)

Q: What do I need to do?

A: Read the schedule and register here on the website, then tell your friends. Contact us if you have any questions and check back regularly for updates to the schedule and guest list.

Q: What do other people have to say about Hutchmoot?

A: Good question! We're glad you asked. Check out these links to see what folks had to say about:

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Q: Who have been the keynote speakers in years past?

A: One of the things we most enjoy about Hutchmoot is that it gives us the opportunity to meet, listen to, and honor some of our favorite voices in the world of story, art, and faith. Past speakers include Walter Wangerin Jr., Sally Lloyd Jones, Phil Vischer, Leif Enger, Luci Shaw, Diana Glyer, and David Taylor. Other special guests have included N. D. Wilson, Charlie Peacock, Michael Card, Keith Getty, Brown Bannister, Fernando Ortega, Sho Baraka, and a whole lot more.