October 5 - 8 | 2017

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Session Three

Old Shoes and Ancient Rituals: How Liturgy Shapes Us (Tish Harrison Warren, Julie Canlis, and Douglas McKelvey) - Three authors discuss different perspectives on the origin, place, and need for liturgy in our lives.

Community, Incarnation, and the Magic of Theatre (Pete Peterson, Don Chaffer, and Matt Logan) - Two playwrights and Studio Tenn director, Matt Logan, explore the unique power of theater as an art form.

The Consolation of Doubt: Reflections on Buechner (Andrew Peterson and Russell Moore) - This introduction to the writing of Frederick Buechner will focus on the powerful ways in which this great American writer has dealt with the issue of doubt.

Music and Loneliness (Steve Guthrie) - Two notable crises of our current cultural moment are the loss of community and the loss of civility. What role might music play in the healing of our culture, and what might music have to teach us?

Growing Your Redemptive Imagination (Flo Oakes, Jenna Henderson, Julie Witmer, and Gina Sutphin) - Practice seeing your world through the redemptive eyes of a gardener. A workshop to walk you through the beginning of the garden design process.

Insistent Hospitality: The Radical Neighborliness of a Civil Rights Icon (David Dark) - Through the story of Nashville pastor Will Campbell, we can all learn something of how better to live as neighbors in a world of hostility.

Rooted in Christ: Five Places We Live at Godspeed (limited to 15 people) (Matt Canlis) - a workshop focused on discovering ways to slow down and live more intentional lives in the places God has placed us.

The Striving Artist: The Story of the Only Painting Van Gogh Ever Sold (Russ Ramsey) - Van Gogh never knew the success he desired. This story is an honest look into the longing of every artist to connect with others and create meaningful work.

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