October 5 - 8 | 2017

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Session Two

Till Death Do Us Art: Navigating Marriage and a Creative Calling (Randall & Amy Goodgame, Joe & Gina Sutphin, Pete & Jennifer (Trafton) Peterson) - These couples discuss the challenges of following a creative calling amid marriage.

For the Health of the Artist: Balancing Life and Creativity (Andrew Osenga and Christopher Williams) - Musicians explore different ways in which they struggle to maintain both their sanity and their livelihoods.

In the Beginning: The Writer's Art of World-Building (N. D. Wilson, Helena Sorensen, and Douglas McKelvey) - Three authors explore multiple ways in which they construct the worlds in which their stories take place.

The Art of Civil Discourse: Communication in Community (Dave Bruno, Ashley-Elizabeth Graham, and Russell Moore) - An exploration of how we ought to strive for better and more civil conversation as emissaries of Christ to the world.

Awakening Wonder Through Story and Song (Drew Miller, Janie Townsend, David Radford, and Andrew Peterson) - These songwriters discuss their experiences awakening wonder in others and having their own wonder awakened through stories and songs.

Good Grief: Mourning as an Act of Worship (Janna Barber, Carrie Givens, Jill Phillips, and Eric Peters) - A discussion of how those who thoroughly grieve are filled with more hope than those who ignore pain or try to pretend it doesn't exist.

Godspeed: Screening and Discussion (Matt Canlis and Danny Lund) - This short film about the importance of slowing down & settling into community is followed by a conversation with filmmaker Danny Lund & the subject of the film, Matt Canlis.

How to Be a Poem (John Pattison) - To be fully human is to be both poet and poem, maker and made. John discusses how the disciplines of making (solitude, silence, learning from failure) are ways in which we are shaped in the hands of our Maker.

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