October 5 - 8 | 2017

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Session One

The Christ-Haunted Honky Tonk (Jonathan Rogers and Russell Moore) - A look at the 50s, an era of post-war optimism, and how the music of the American South and writers like Flannery O'Connor offered a Christ-haunted vision of the human soul.

Nurturing Faith Through Feasting, One Meal at a Time (Sally Clarkson and Jennifer Trafton) - Jennifer and Sally will discuss the context, history, and importance of food and Christian hospitality.

The Delightful Shiver: Ghost Stories & the Gospel (Lanier Ivester and Andrew Peterson) - Is there any good reason to read a ghost story? Two Christians investigate what lies beneath their enjoyment of this classic form of imaginative literature.

Sleuths & Spaceships: How Genre Fiction Makes Sense of the World (Carrie Givens and Jen Yokel) - Through the lens of Golden Age detective fiction & sci-fi classics, we'll explore how genre fiction strives to make sense of a world in chaos.

Outside It's America: The Legacy of U2's Joshua Tree (Matt Conner, Andrew Osenga, John Barber, and Mark Geil) - Four music lovers discuss the evergreen allure of the Joshua Tree and how it is as relevant today as it was 25 years ago.

The Art of Patience: Pursuing Creativity Through Failure, Struggle, and Endurance (Joe Sutphin, John Hendrix, Jay Myers, Ben Schipper, and Jamin Still) - This group of talented visual artists discuss the process of learning through frustration.

The Cauldron of Song (Sho Baraka and Ben Shive) - Just as J. R. R. Tolkien's "Cauldron of Story" informs and shapes the tales we tell, Ben and Sho discuss the vibrant soup of music and song from which musicians pull new sounds and ideas.

No Man Is an Island: From Individualism to Community (Julie Canlis) - Following the lives of two men who began as hermits and went on to found Eastern and Western monasticism, Julie discusses their transformation from isolation to community.


Later Event: October 6
Session Two