Hutchmoot 2015
On October 8-11, the Rabbit Room will convene Hutchmoot 2015 at Church of the Redeemer in Nashville, Tennessee. You're invited to come and enjoy a weekend of live music, great food and conversation, and a series of discussions centered on art, faith, and the telling of great stories across a range of mediums.

This October, Hutchmoot will enter its 6th year. We've had so much fun since 2010 that it's hard to believe we get to keep on doing this, but as long as you good folks keep coming, we'll keep hosting. We've got some great stuff planned for this year and can't wait to see how things develop. There will be a slew of Rabbit Room regulars on the roster. We'll release more specifics as we confirm plans, but rest assured that it'll be a weekend worth your time. We'll see you in October.
We're lining up another great program this year and will be announcing our full list of speakers and events soon. Click here to view the (preliminary) schedule.

Registration for Hutchmoot 2015 is capped at 140 attendees. We're sorry that we can't accommodate everyone who would like to come, but we are limited by the size of the venue and are dedicated to keeping the event comfortable and intimate for everyone involved.

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What Is a Hutchmoot?

Highlights from Hutchmoots Past

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Hutchmoot 2014 Special Guest: Luci Shaw

Mrs. Shaw is a charter member of the Chrysostom Society of Writers and is the author of ten volumes of poetry as well as several works of non-fiction including Breath for the Bones and Adventure of Ascent. She has lectured all over the world on art and spirituality, and the Christian imagination, as well as poetry- and journal-writing as aids to artistic and spiritual growth.
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Ron Block's Walking Song Release Show

In 2013 we welcomed Ron Block and a host of friends for an evening of music from his new record, Walking Song. This is Nashville after all, and we brought out the bluegrass. The show was an extra special treat because Ron's co-writer for the record was Rabbit Room contributor Rebecca Reynolds. The band put on an unforgettable concert.
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Hutchmoot 2012 Special Guest: Phil Vischer

In 2013 we were thrilled to have Bob the Tomato himself in our midst. Phil is founder of Big Idea Productions and his animated Veggie Tales videos have sold millions of copies around the world--but we like him mainly because he's hilarious and he knows how to tell a great story.
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Jason Gray's A Way to See in the Dark Release Show

It was a privilege to host Jason Gray's official release show last year. The evening was a rousing and moving success. Special thanks to Jason and his management for bringing everything together and giving our guests an evening to remember.
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Jill Phillips' Mortar and Stone Release Show

In 2014 we were proud to host singer-songwriter Jill Phillips' release concert for Mortar and Stone. Jill has been a huge part of the Rabbit Room community since its earliest days, and the opportunity to share in her celebration of this new collection of songs was one of the highlights of the weekend.

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Hutchmoot 2013 Special Guest: Leif Enger

Leif Enger's two novels, Peace Like a River and So, Brave, Young, and Handsome, have found their way into what many might consider the hallowed halls of American classics. We couldn't have been more pleased to have Leif with us in 2013. We discovered that the man himself is every bit as classic, and as classy, as his books are.

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Andrew Peterson's Light for the Lost Boy Release Show

At Hutchmoot 2012, Andrew Peterson ushered this phenomenal album into the world with the help of the band Caleb. You had to be there to understand, but it was a legendary live show that brought down the house. It was an unforgettable evening of music.
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Hutchmoot 2011 Special Guest: Sally Lloyd-Jones

We're big fans of Sally Lloyd-Jones's work in The Jesus Storybook Bible. Her melding of story, art, and the coming of Christ is a central theme in the Rabbit Room and it was a real pleasure to hear her speak as our special guest last year. We even invited her back in December for the Behold the Lamb of God show at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. She's awesome.
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Hutchmoot 2010 Special Guest: Walt Wangerin, Jr.

Having written books like The Book of the Dun Cow, The Book of Sorrows, Ragman and Other Cries of Faith, and Miz Lil & the Chronicles of Grace, Walt Wangerin, Jr. is one of our all time favorite authors and was just the man to deliver the keynote at the inaugural Hutchmoot in 2010.
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Andrew Peterson's Counting Stars Release Show

Andrew Peterson kicked off the first night of Hutchmoot 2010 with the official release show for
Counting Stars. He and a full band played the album in it's entirety and then went on to play requests. The show was standing room only and it was the perfect way to begin an unforgettable weekend.
Q: What's a Hutchmoot?

A: It's a gathering. A meeting. A retreat. A conference. A powwow. A shebang. An entmoot, without the ents.

What happens at a Hutchmoot?

A: Food. Good food, prepared by our resident Rabbit Room chef, Lewis Graham. Quality time among fellow Rabbit Room readers with whom you'll develop friendships that will last until you're 87. Two concerts (a private in-the-round concert with members of the
Square Peg Alliance and a second special event that will be announced as soon as details are confirmed). The book release of the Rabbit Room's second bound edition of collected works, The Molehill Vol. 2. Sessions led by a variety of writers, artists, and musicians, including the roster of Rabbit Room contributors. Intimate group discussions on writing, songwriting, and more. Nightly conversation with dessert and coffee.

Why should I go?

A: Because you must.

No, really. Why should I go?

A: We want you to come and enjoy a weekend of music and conversation about the stories all around us in song, film, books--and most importantly the story being told through our lives; our own story--what it means to get to the holy hidden heart of it, how to tell a better story with the days we’re given, and how our stories intersect each other's and connect to the Great Story.

See? I told you so. You must.

Who's going to be there?

A: Andrew Peterson, Eric Peters, S.D. Smith, A.S. "Pete" Peterson, Jonathan Rogers, Jennifer Trafton, Randall Goodgame, Andrew Osenga, Russ Ramsey, Travis Prinzi, Thomas McKenzie, and maybe a few surprises. Oh, and YOU. (Because you must.)

What do I need to do?

A: Read the
schedule and register here on the website, then tell your friends. Contact us if you have any questions and check back regularly for updates to the schedule and guest list.